Our Purpose

The Call to Restoration

The purpose of Grace Restoration Ministries is to impact the world through leadership of committed believers toward the development of both family and church restoration as outlined in Ephesians 1:7-10.

“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom  and understanding.  And he made known the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times will have reached their fulfillment – to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head.” (Ephesians 1:7-10; N.I.V.)

The Call to Faith

The first and, perhaps, the greatest restoration movement in the history of the Church began October 31, 1517 when Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses to the wall of the church in Witenburg.  His intent was to call Christians to the clear message of God’s grace.  It was a call to acknowledge the unmerited favor which God bestows on us through Christ.  It was a plea to accept the truth that it is only Christ who saves; that it is Christ in us who makes us righteous; and, that it is all grace. It is a message for our world today.  Luther’s cry centered itself in three phrases:

Sola gratia: By grace alone

Sola fidei: By faith alone

Sola scriptura: By scripture alone

The Call to Abundant Life

These same declarations must again become the center of our belief if we are ever to see all things united under Christ. To that end, Grace Restoration Ministries has been born. It is my prayer and desire to minister grace to the family and the church. Both of these units were established by God to be the means of His expression of grace.  Yet, both are on the brink of destruction from an absence of grace.  Through the application of grace, faith, and scripture in the family and church, we can realize the real freedom of the abundant Christian life.

The tools to accomplish this are to be found in the application of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ.  These gifts must be discovered, understood, and applied.  In our day, the family and the church must be challenged to a paradigm shift that has grown out of the New Testament.