About Don Emmitte

Don EmmitteMy journey begins as a freshman at Texas A&M University in the summer of 1968.  I had entered school with all my dreams and hopes centered around a concept of material success.  Enrolling in the Corps of Cadets and majoring in Aerospace Engineering, I found myself quickly behind academically.  Through a series of truly miraculous events I found a new purpose and goal.  It would take until the spring of 1969 for God to become more than just a name to me. However, through my wife and others, I was born again in April of that year.  Soon after becoming a Christian, I felt God calling me into vocational ministry.  I finished my degree at A&M and went to seminary to further prepare myself academically.  This led me to ministry opportunities as a college student minister, associate pastor, and pastor.  I have pastored four churches over a thirty year period.  Each of these has prepared me for this next part of the journey.  My wife and three boys have provided me many blessings as God has used them to illustrate and teach His work of grace.  Through each of these the restoration of grace has been effected in the life of my family and I.

Don Emmitte In the fall of 1999 many changes took place in our lives. I resigned from the full time pastorate to begin a bi-vocational ministry of preaching, counseling, and ministry.  While it has not been an easy path, it has been more rewarding than I could have ever dreamed possible.  Mary and I have seen and experienced the hand of God in many ways since that time.  I have begun this ministry of discipleship through Morning Devotionals and seen it grow beyond imagination.  Additionally, I have continued to write other works also.  My latest book is entitled A Time to Laugh and a Time to Cry.  It is a compilation of principles that I have learned from the many experiences of raising our three sons.   The preaching and teaching ministry is still a vital part of the ministry.

To all who have helped in the past with Grace Restoration Ministries, thank you! Your notes of encouragement and inspiration, your prayers, and your gifts to Grace Restoration are essential to all that we are doing for so many people. We continue to depend on you for the ability to continue the work.

My prayer is that everyone may know that same grace in their family and church. Should you be interested in knowing more about future bookings, you may reach me either by email, or you may call at the following telephone number: 1-817-929-4383.